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Of all the diamonds in the world only the very few that come in rich intense colors are the rarest and most precious. The Hope Diamond is blue; the Tiffany Diamond is a canary yellow; the Dresden Diamond is green. These are a sampling of priceless gems that have found their way in the hands of wealthy collectors or museum collections. Colored diamonds have fetched outstanding high prices at the gem auctions of Christie�s and Sotheby�s. In a recent sale a 3.21 carat vivid blue pear shape was sold for 2.7 million dollars.


White, colorless diamonds are samples of pure, perfectly structured crystalized carbon. COLORED diamonds are the results of mineral traces within the diamond structural flaws � �accidents� in nature. The color hue and its depth depend on the type of mineral trace, its intensity and position within the diamond. Attractive Natural colored diamonds remain rare and therefore pricey. Now, the 20th Century technology has made colored diamonds affordable and more available. When a natural diamond is subjected to a stream of electrons its color will change. The incoming electrons from an accelerator jolt the atoms and electrons within the diamond into new positions and thus effects the color change. This is generally followed by a heat treatment. The final result depends on the original mineral composition of the diamond and method of treatment chosen.

We Have More Than 40 Years of Experience

We, at Chromagem, have been coloring diamonds since 1974. Our coloring process meets the highest standards in the industry. We have a large selection in our inventory, or we can color your diamonds. In addition, we recut and repair broken or old cut diamonds; we laser drill and do clarity enhancement.

When it comes to fine colored diamonds, experience makes all the difference. Chromagem Co. is a family-owned business that’s been passed down from one generation to another. We’ve spent over four decades cultivating relationships with vendors all over the world and perfecting our designs. As a result, you get to wear jewelry that’s timeless and made with the finest materials.

Fine jewelry starts with the raw materials. We scour the globe to bring you the finest diamonds.

Our designs are consistently stunning because they tap into timeless aesthetics. 

Service isn’t just a word to us; it’s a promise that you’ll be thrilled with your entire jewelry  experience. Just ask any current client!

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