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…the rarest and the fairest – Priceless gems that have found their way into the hands of wealthy collectors and museums.

Only recently a 3 carat blue diamond was sold for 2.7 million dollars.  Natural colored diamonds remain rare and pricey.

But now at CHROMAGEM, colored diamonds have been made affordable.  At Chromagem, a natural diamond is subjected to a controlled stream of electrons followed by a heat treatment.  The result is a natural diamond – now in a rich fancy color – a true CHROMAGEM.

With over 50 years of experience we have learned how to achieve the most desirable color enhancement for the diamonds we offer.

Our colored diamonds some in a wide range of colors (blue, burnt orange, green, yellow, purple, pink, chocolate brown and black) in many shapes and sizes.

We also offer a coloring service to our clients.  In addition, we recut and repair broken diamonds.  We laser drill black inclusions, and do clarity enhancement.

So come to Chromagem.  Let us fill your needs.  Rest assured that we will serve you with dedication and attentiveness in the Chromagem tradition.

David and Marcus